How To Channel Anger Into Something Beneficial

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The raw emotions can be intense and fiery and well, angry. Harnessing that energy for creation instead of destruction is not so easy. Here Psalm shows us how to transform anger to power. “… we have to work to create … Continued

How To Become The Best In Kissing

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  A kiss can make you feel everything, or it can make you feel nothing. Therefore, a common purpose of the kiss is helping determine your attaction to someone. A kiss can make or break your relationship: it is the … Continued

What Is Love?

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What does love consist of? Psychologist Robert Sternberg  offers a theory due to which love consists of 3 main components: intimacy, passion and liabilities. Intimacy — being close, supporting each other, partnership, common interests and values. It is growing as far … Continued

Best Workout Routines: Burpee VS Plank

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What is burpee? Burpee is an effective conditioning exercise combining squats, planks and explosive jumps. All the moves performed in quick succession. It was invented an American psychologist, Royal H. Burpee. The aim of the exercise was agility, coordination and … Continued

5 Reasons To Start Workout Right Away

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Physical training in gym, jogging, yoga, detox, healthy lifestyle we hear these words everywhere. Nevertheless the majority of people still not hurry to switch from their couch-potato lifestyle. Plus continuous stress atmosphere on a job leads to apathy and health concerns. … Continued

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