How To Channel Anger Into Something Beneficial

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Portrait of a woman changing her mood
Portrait of a woman changing her mood

The raw emotions can be intense and fiery and well, angry. Harnessing that energy for creation instead of destruction is not so easy. Here Psalm shows us how to transform anger to power.

“… we have to work to create positive energy in our lives using real tools like yoga or meditation or positive intentions because life is challenging and life can be really difficult so it is important to use a practice to keep cultivating positive energy and to transform things that feel negative into positive energy.”, teaches Psalm in the video bellow.
One of the most important ways to make sure that we don’t end up lashing out of other people is to not suppress or repress what were actually feeling.

So start now and discover how to live your most happy life. Try that simple exercises and share your experience in comments bellow.

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