Let Us Talk About Ecology Issues

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People picking garbage
Cleaning the planet

Many issues remain in the fight for ecology and ethical consumption, which not only remain unresolved but are exacerbated over the years.

Natural fur is a bad thing in terms of animal abuse. Artificial fur or technological synthetic insulation is bad in terms of environmental pollution. Such materials carry a lot of emissions in production. And then they decompose very long and unsustainable.

Vegetarianism is humane to animals. But in order to ensure good nutrition, we have to spend a lot of resources, including increasing the carbon footprint on the planet, bringing products from far-away regions. (avocado is a very telling story)

What’s the right way to use: disposable napkins that use trees or handkerchiefs that use water to wash?

The same question is raised by reusable bags and eco-cartons for products, as well as reusable gaskets.

Dog poop on the lawn – in principle, for the year to go completely into the soil seems to be. But many of them are collected with polyethylene gloves into polyethylene bags. And they just throw them in the usual garbage cans.

Electric cars do not emit any emissions into the air. But the very production of electricity to charge them is not such a harmless process for nature.

Reducing consumption is good for nature. But it has a negative impact on people who lose their jobs.

There are many such examples. And I realized for myself that I don’t have an unambiguous answer to most of these questions. So you just have to live.

What do you think? What do you choose?

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